Christian Marketing Services

Welcome! My name is George Dan Pirvu.

I am the owner of Randombyte, a Christian Marketing Services company.

I help Christian business owners get more clients.

My work has been featured in some of the biggest websites in the world: Wall Street Journal, Wikipedia, Stanford University, Search Engine Land, etc.

I have worked for big companies such as General Motors in the past, but then I decided to offer my online marketing services to Christian business owners.

Why did I decide to work with Christians? Because I am a Christian myself.

We share the same values. This means that some of you are my ideal customers. And I may be the ideal service provider for some of you.

I help Christian business owners get more customers through content marketing, search engine marketing and reputation management.

With content marketing, my team creates and promotes high-quality content for your business, with the goal of converting website visitors into leads, and leads into customers.

Search Engine Marketing helps you get more clients through search engine optimization (SEO) and paid (Google AdWords) listings.

Reputation management helps build your business by monitoring and improving the information that can be found about you and your company on the Internet.

Let’s Work Together!

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