Pay Per Click Management Services

Why do you need a PPC specialist to manage your pay per click campaigns? I could give you lots of specifics – and I’ll do that shortly.

Here are the highlights:

PPC is hard to do properly. REALLY hard.

It’s a world of keyword research, technical nuances, confusing jargon and endless testing. The learning curve is huge, and the rules change quickly.

PPC is competitive. REALLY competitive.

Google has funneled more and more advertisers away from search engine listings and into PPC. There’s a huge dogfight for positioning on every profitable keyword.

PPC is time-intensive. REALLY time-intensive.

Performance has to be monitored on a daily basis and sometimes even more frequently. Constant campaign tweaks are often required, as are careful checks for click fraud.

PPC is expensive. REALLY expensive.

That is – if you don’t know exactly what you are doing. An improperly-managed PPC campaign can easily burn through a month’s advertising budget in just hours.

If you are a manager, an executive or a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. The chances are slim that you have the time or the desire to develop the expertise required to correctly design and administer an effective PPC campaign.

Quite frankly, you should probably be spending that time and effort elsewhere… and put your PPC campaigns in the hands of an expert.

We Have Run Extremely Successful PPC Campaigns for Years.

When you put our PPC Knowledge and Experience to work for you, we will produce Better Results and Better ROI for your campaign in comparison with what you would be able to achieve on your own.

Here’s a quick quiz:

1. What differences should you expect in your PPC results when you choose to run a campaign based on broad match, as opposed to exact match, phrase match or modified broad match?
2. How can you improve your QS and CPR, and what impact will that have on your CPC and ROI?
3. Why is Google Content Experiments one of the most important tools in managing a PPC campaign?
4. With the Google keyword tool now virtually useless, how should you conduct keyword research?

ppc quiz

If you don’t know the answer to any of those questions, don’t feel badly. Most people who run their own PPC campaigns don’t. Unfortunately, that’s why most of them end up disappointed with their results – or simply end up telling people “Pay per click doesn’t work.”

(If you’re curious about the quiz, the quick answers are “more clicks and poorer results,” “better copy, the first will decrease and the second will increase,” “to run A/B and split-testing,” and “sorry, that’s a proprietary secret.”)

The point is, there’s an enormous learning curve required to administer today’s complicated PPC campaigns. As a successful businessperson, you are certainly smart enough to understand it all – with enough time and experience.

But that will take months or years, and a huge monetary investment in running test campaigns. Can you afford a commitment like that? Or do you have other important things to do with that time and money?

As experienced PPC specialists, we’ve already mastered all of the terms, techniques and strategies.

And as our clients will tell you, we know how to use them to produce targeted traffic, more sales and an exceptional ROI.

ppc roi

Here are three other important facts you should know:

1. A poorly-executed PPC campaign will cost you a fortune.
2. A well-run PPC campaign is one of the best possible uses of marketing dollars.
3. An experienced, professional PPC specialist will protect you against #1, and ensure that you reap the benefits of #2.

The quick explanation:

If you don’t know exactly how to research, setup, test and execute your campaign, your chances of success are no better than if you had walked up to a roulette table and put your marketing budget on zero. In most cases, your ROI will be pretty close to zero, too.

But if your campaign is properly targeted, tested, refined and managed, you’ll be funneling qualified, eager prospects directly to your website – and your ROI will reflect that fact.

In other words, a poorly-run PPC campaign is simply gambling. An expertly-managed one is an intelligent investment.

And most importantly… the services of an expert PPC specialist will cost much less than what you will lose on campaigns that you try to run by yourself.

What do you get when you hire us to run your PPC campaigns?

Experience. We’ve done this for years. We know what works and what doesn’t – and just as importantly, what works for every type of company, product, service or goal. In fact, there’s a good chance we’ve already run campaigns in your industry or niche. And we’ve refined the art and science of PPC management into a proven approach that maximizes profit and return on investment, the key metrics for most pay per click campaigns.

Technical knowledge. We know all of the ins and outs of setting up, testing and refining PPC campaigns. We have all the crucial research and management tools, and know exactly how to use them. Just as importantly, our constant attention to your ongoing campaigns will not only let us monitor minute-by minute performance, but also monitor for click fraud that can drain your budget in a hurry.

Marketing knowledge. We understand the difference between good and bad copy and landing pages, but what’s more important is that we know what types of copy and landing pages will work hand-in-hand with every type of PPC campaign. We also know how to effectively split-test copy and make the small adjustments which can be the difference between failure and overwhelming success.

Time. Our AND yours. PPC is a full-time occupation for us, so we spend a lot of time innovating and developing our methodology, while staying on top of every change that affects the Internet marketing industry. That means you don’t have to spend your time on learning and experimenting. In both cases, you win.

And above all, you get effective, professionally-managed PPC campaigns which will bring more qualified visitors to your website, make more sales, and send your profits and return on investment soaring!

Now that you know the real benefits of hiring a PPC specialist and how our services will make you money…

It’s time to take action. Contact us now, and let’s get started!

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