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This page offers several free internet marketing tools that can help the entrepreneurs grow their business. Make sure to check this page often; we plan to add new tools on a regular basis. Feel free to share the programs with everyone but please don’t sell them – we want this to be a free gift for everybody.


URL Checker comes in handy if you want to monitor your websites for downtime or hacker attacks. I have written a detailed article about it here, so you shouldn’t have any problems using it.

url checker thumbnailClick the thumbnail to download the program, unzip it, run the executable file, and then choose Help -> Manual to learn how to use it.



Power Indexer Pro is a free Windows application that will help index your new website (or new website pages and blog posts) in the search engines much faster. It does that by building backlinks from high authority, PR3… PR8 Meta Indexing sites, Blog Pinging sites, etc to the specified URLs. In fact, these powerful backlinks can also give your website rankings a small boost for low competition keywords.

power indexer pro thumbnailIt’s a 100% safe method that will help promote your website(s) without attracting any penalties, provided that you don’t use the same URLs each day. Click the thumbnail image to download the program, and then check out the built-in help to learn how to use it.



QR Architect is a quick response code maker that can generate a great variety of bar codes:
– Web addresses
– Phone numbers
– SMS numbers
– Email addresses
– Plain text
– Geographic locations
– ME cards
– Android Marketplace codes
– Wi-Fi configurations.

qr architect thumbnailClick the thumbnail image to download QR Architect. Save the file, and then run it; a “qrarchitect” folder will be created. Open the folder, and then run QR Architect.exe to start the application.

Read the included manual.pdf file for more information on how to use the program.



Alive Link Checker will scan any URL, determining if it is alive, and then reporting if everything is OK or listing the broken links and any other problems.

alive link checkerClick the thumbnail image to download Alive Link Checker. Save the file to your computer, and then run it; the Alive Link Checker folder will be created. Open it, and then run Alive Link Checker.exe to start the program.

Don’t forget to read the included manual.pdf file.


Random Pass is a small application that generates random passwords using the specified number of characters (letters and numbers). The password list can be exported as a text file for further use.

random pass thumbnailClick the thumbnail to download the application kit, and then save it to your computer. Run the downloaded randompass.exe file to create the “randompass” folder. Open it, and then run Random Pass.exe to start the program.

Don’t forget to read the manual.pdf documentation to learn more about Random Pass.

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